Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Skid Row Art Exhibit

Powerful painting isn't it. The man is laying on the sidewalk with nothing. Yet he has his faith. With that, some may say he has it all.
This captures the activities on most Skid Row streets. I find it interesting how the artist has captured the sense of community in his work.


On July 22, I was walking down the hall of my new building when I ran into Barbara. She is one of the artists of Skid Row. She told me about the Skid Row Art Exhibit that was to be held at the James Wood Community Center on 5th and San Julian.
She recently has been recovering from back surgery but was rather nimble piling numerous paintings in her wheel chair to cart them over to the center.

According to Barbara this was the first art exhibit in the history of Skid Row. I told Barbara that I would not miss it and I was able to keep my word, entering the center shortly before going to work. I was surprised at the quantity of paintings that were present. The paintings were refreshing and I was impressed at how uplifting they were.

Don Garza interviewed Barbara one day a few months ago while she was painting outside of San Julian Park. She commented on that very point--that her paintings are not sad and the reasons for that. Please watch the video.

When I began my Skid Row experience, I believed deep down that it was going to make me a better person. There was no doubt in that. I also believed that there was a beautiful side of Skid Row. I just had not experienced it but I believed that it existed. The art exhibit, Skid Row Basketball League and other activities in Skid Row are indications of that very point. There is beauty in Skid Row. There are great lessons in Skid Row. As for me, I am finally beginning to experience the positive sides of this experience. Please watch the video.


Nina Gomez said...

came across your blog tonight, I have really enjoyed reading about your life in Skidrow. I'm going to continue to read your blog, just to let you know :) (sorry about the deleted comments, technical difficulties.)


skidrowscribe said...

thank you nina. I hope I continue to keep you interested. I believe the key is to express the truth as I continue to discover it and that is an ongoing process.