Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recovery Celebration at Central Division

On Thurs September 25, there was a celebration of sobriety at the Central Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. Andrew Conner organized the event. Andrew works for People Assisting The Homeless(Path)however, he was operating as a private citizen. Hot Dogs and hamburgers were
werved to the couple hundred people that attended the event. City Council woman Jan Perry spoke as well as many who are on the recovery path.
Maple Street was blocked off and chairs were set up. I was pretty surprised to see that so many people showed up. I arrived late but in time to see several people that I met when I first arrived on Skid Row and was quite pleased to see that they were maintaining their sobriety.


andrew conner said...

Walter. this is the first time that I'm seeing this. Thanks Brother!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Awesomeness! Andrew Conner is a gift! So glad to see all the smiling faces, yummy food and ppl blessed by his gift of being. You inspire!