Monday, September 15, 2008

Protest on Spring Street

This morning I went to Wells Fargo Bank on Spring Street between 3rd and 4th. Usually it would be a very quiet routine but that was not the case this morning. There was a huge protest taking place in front of the State Building which is on Spring St.
I did not get the exact name of the union but it was a health care workers union that represents social service providers. Apparently they were vocalizing their position that the budget should be signed. The fear was that the social service workers would not be paid and then services would eventually be cut to their clients who are the developmentally disabled.
At one point the workers marched in a circle in the middle of the street blocking Spring ST. Eventually they settled on one side of the street. The clients, most of whom were in wheelchairs, joined the workers in the protest.

The LA times,reported in this morning's paper
that an agreement had been reached and the state legislature would vote on it today. No new taxes are to be levied but cutbacks in services are at risk.

That is how Monday started. Let us see how the week progresses.

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