Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tribute to 911

When I was in the Transition House last year, I opened up YouTube account in an attempt to begin to acquaint myself with the evolving multimedia phenonmenon.

The very first video I saw was this one, After 911 The Intimate Story. It was taken by some people who lost someone in their family in the 911 disaster. They, 912crew. have since created a website where they tell how a catastrophe created a community within a community and brought people together who most likely never would have met, let alone create and develop life long relationships.

I am aware that the 911 tribute was last week. However, I feel that each day, in one way or another, we should remember the people who lost their lives in 911. We should also live by the example that the people of "ground zero" have set, transcending cultural differences and nurturing an environment that facilitates the communication and understanding among varieties of people.

Please watch this video, and then after viewing it, please go to

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