Wednesday, July 23, 2008

100 million dollar New Generation fund Unveiled at the Yankee

DLANC Resident Director,Central City East General Jeff and Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa stand outside of the Yankee in Skid Row where the conference on Affordable Housing took place. The conference was sponsored by Enterprise Community Partners.
Jim Buie, Security Supervisor for SRO Housing Corp.
,while patrolling the perimeter outside of the Yankee. Making sure that everything is smooth running for the mayor's visit.

On Monday, July 21, an Affordable Housing conference was held at SRO Housing's Yankee Hotel. Anita Nelson was asked to host the conference with only a couple of hours to prepare for it. There was no problem as the maintenance department keeps the buildings in top condition and can respond to any contingency.

Mayor Villaraigosa and Enterprise Community Partners CEO Doris Koo were present to unveil the newly created New Genersation Fund. The fund is a 100 million dollar
pool of funds, made possible by a banking consortium, for the development and preservation of affordable housing.

Former senator John Edwards, the chairman of the Half in Ten campaign, was also in attendance.

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