Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Transition House Gets its Party On

On Saturday night, The Transition House held a dance. The Transition House was the very first place I lived when I arrived on Skid Row, staying there for eight months before I moved into the Marshall House.

I moved out of the Marshall House Saturday and into the Courtland. I felt I had to go to the Transition House, where my Skid Row experience started and give them my support and take a walk down memory lane as well as dream about the future. After all, the staff and residents gave me much support while I was there.
And they still do.

That Saturday dance was another source of healing for me. It was the first dance party that I had attended in years. They were dances while I was a resident at the T
House at other locations in Skid Row while I was there. Either I did not have the five dollar door fee or I was just not in the mood. Most likely it was both.

My move to the Courtland marked another new beginning and took a tremendous weight off of my shoulders. I felt lighter and wanted to have a bit of recreation and recreation has indeed been missing in my life.

It was good to see people there that were there when I was there. They returned to give their support to the organization as well as to offer encouragement to the current residents.

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Shan said...

I'm so glad you got your groove on and had a good time at the dance! sounds fun! Keep the faith over there. xo, Shannon.