Monday, July 14, 2008

Two Deaths on Skid Row Last Week

Two drug related deaths occurred on Skid Row last week.

On Friday, July 11, a man was smoking crack on San Julian, near the location of the man in the yellow shirt in the above picture, when a man ran up to him, and hit him from behind. The man fell and his attacker immediately started to kick him in his body. There were reports that the victim was kicked in the neck and it was broken.

According to witnesses, he died on the way to the hospital. ]

This is the second murder that has happened on San Julian, between 5th and 6th streets within the last two months. That stretch of San Julian St is regarded as the worst street on Skid Row. Crack is bought and sold openly as well as smoked.

People harrass every person that walks by in an attempt to make crack sells.


Earlier in the week, there was an over dose at the Golden West. The person was discovered dead in his/her room. According to people that know, the management immediately tested everyone and those who registered dirty from drug usage were evicted from the building.

That is what I mean by taking charge of the building and ensuring that the epidemic drug usage does not spread and infect even more people who are attempting to get their lives together.

In some buildings, tests can not be allowed but other measures can be used to make sure that illegal activities are not a part of the environment.

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