Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Officer Royce is leaving Skid Row

LAPD Sargeant Kevin Royce will be leaving the Central Division and transfering to North Hollywood. Today is his last day.

Sargeant Royce was the point man for the Safer Cities Initiative however that does not adequately describe himself or his contribution to Skid Row.

I was fortunate enough to meet Kevin when I moved into the Marshall House.
Kevin took things personally. He wanted to make a difference. He did in my life.
He saw something in me and wanted to make sure that it had a chance. He went beyond the duties of his job and answered to the standards of fellowship and brotherhood.
He saw that I needed a friend and he gave me his friendship and loyalty. He introduced me to his family and invited me to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family. Again, on Christmas, he invited me to spend it with his family. This time I was invited into his home.

Those were very special moments for me and those times spent with his family went a long way in providing me with the strength to keep fighting for a better quality of life. His wife Debbie kept encouraging me to keep writing my blog and baked me chocolate chip cookies on several occasions. I felt wanted. I felt like I belonged. I had forgotten how it felt to feel like I belonged. It carried me through some very tough times.

I believe that public servants like Officer Kevin Royce see the need to go beyond the scope of their duties to really bring about change. They see where the "human' factor is much ignored yet very much needed.

Skid Row will miss him. He is transfering to North Hollywood. They will get an outstanding officer and an outstanding man. Feel the spirit.

Good night world. I love you

PS. After I wrote this blog, there was a disturbance in the building where I work. I had to call the police. They came out immediately. They always do. And with volatile individuals, I never know what could potentially happen. It is my responsibility to protect the people where I work. After the police left, a sargeant came by to speak to me. She was making a "quality of service" inquiry.
I was impressed. She wanted to make sure that her officers were responding to the needs of the community. Frankly speaking, I don't know how the police officers and the paramedics from the fire department do it. I really don't. On Skid row where so much is going on, the response time of both departments has always been extraordinary. In the interest of fairness, I felt that had to be said. No one ever talks about that part of the LAPD or LAFD on Skid Row. It is amazing that they always show up quickly when they are called, no matter


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That's awesome, especially with all the bad publicity that the LAPD gets, it's really nice to know that there are people out there on the force that really care.