Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Mall Built in the Country

I went to the probation office this morning. Hated it but had to go. The first officer was cool. This one is a pain in the rear. Oops. That was my old attitude.

I used the time in my neighborhood productively. I went into Big 5 sporting goods and purchased a pair of push up bars and brown casual loafers. I have wanted three pairs of loafers that I wore duringt the time I was triathlon training. I could not get them because they were at the house. My sister said for a year she would get them to me but....... Some one down here told me to get my own and not even accept them if she finally decided to give them to me. I thought of those shoes for a year.

I do not have to think of one pair. I have them. The other pair, a pair of Alfani loafers,was almost mine but they did not have my size.

I was at the Macy's on Crenshaw blvd. is what is called the golden ghetto. It is not too far from my house. That store used to be a May company store. It became Macy's when May company folded.

The store was in the Original Crenshaw Shopping Center Mall. That mall, for those of you who love shopping, was the very first regional mall built in the United States. The developer was David May, the former owner of May Co. David was a very nice man. I got to know him well. His daughters Anita and Kathy went to Westlake School.

The very first rock concert I went to was Creedence Clearwater and I took Anita May to it. Cathy May, her sister, is one of the best tennis players in the country.

It felt good to get the push up bars. I felt close to my uncle who bought me a pair for my birthday once. I used those bars religiously when I was training for the triathlon. I will use them again to get in even better shape than I was then.
Hmmm. Sounds exciting.

I like this shopping stuff. I started to get into it before all of this happened. I am starting to plan my wardrobe and build a certain style. For now, just some things to make life easier and assist me in accomplishing my short term goals.

I also bought a web golf belt. Something else that I have thought about but have spent too much energy thinking about.

I first saw one on Dennis Burns. Dennis is a PGA golf professional, sub scratch golfer. He and I became great friends. He is in charge of junior clinics for the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Dennis wrote me this morning. felt good to hear from him. My mother bought the first golf belt after dennis showed me his. I bought this one today. Sure felt great. Funny that he wrote me on the first day of the Masters tournament. Dennis does not know it but my grandmother's dog was named tiger and I was given the Nick Name in my neighborhood after I started playing golf and working at the golf course. I wore saddle golf shoes all around the neighborhood.

Those kind of shoes are not what is commonly seen in the neighborhood. They were so square that they were hip. People called me Tiger Woods and it stuck.

I love building every day. got to go. must get to work.

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