Saturday, April 5, 2008

Getting Taxes Done feels great. Part of new life and lifestyle

I am sitting in the Little Tokyo Library. I just finished getting my taxes done
at Loyola Law School. The tax expert at OMelveny and Meyers, who is helping me with my tax issues told me about it.

The students were so helpful and eager to please. It was great.

I must say, it is beginning to be fun rebuilding my life.

Afterwards, I rode my bike over here to the library. There is a big party going on right now on 2nd street. do not know what it is but I will outside soon.

I received a reply email from an old class mate. I have been reaching out to them. all of them have returned emails to me. It is good to know that we look at eachother as family. I actually was very afraid that I would never be accepted any more.

Yes, I shed tears. Yes I shed tears at the tax clinic. It feels so exciting to clear out old stuff and build new stuff.

I may have had new jobs at times with great companies. but my life was always the same because I always had the same lifestyle. This is different. this is a whole new life. and to appreciate each step of the way--the hard, the slow, the tears and the joys is actually quite an experience. I do not know quite how to describe it.

I just know that I have not felt this way since I was 18 or 20 years old.

I feel like a young, eager student. only this time, I have the focus and the discipline.

so for me, getting the taxes done was great. it is part and parcel to a whole new life.

Dam I wish I could have expressed some more things to the man to whom I wrote the email yesterday. I know further, now, how to convey things. But that is the whole point of all of this. You learn something every day. Grow everyday. It is fun.

I must go home and work on my real estate course after I visit the street party
in Little Tokyo. Good night.

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I hate paying taxes.