Friday, April 4, 2008

graduation day at STRive

Today the STRIVE PROGRAM held there commencement exercises. The STRIVE program started in April of last year. I have had the privilege of watching this program grow tremendously since its inception. This is the 12th class that has graduated.

----I am in a rush to publish this blog. I have so much to say but I have no time.

The computer lab is about to close. However, while STRIVE had their commencement exercises, I sort of had my own.

I wrote a man today to see if we can do business together. It is the next step in my plan for growth. It is a big step but for some reason I believe this man will see things in me that every one has seen in me over the past few months.

This came about because an old friend read every one of my blogs and was touched by them. She believes I have a little talent and she has pushed me to write this man.

A lot of my old friends felt I should write a book. I have mentioned them to you guys over the last few months. It may have sounded like I was name dropping but I was just talking about my life.

I thank those of you who kept telling me to keep writing and that my writings were interesting. Hopefully this man will feel the same way. Thank you Charlotte for your belief in me. Thanks to all of you


That was going to be th end of my blog but it would not publish. So I ran down here to the Little Tokyo Library to deal with the technical difficulties. I do not have much time so I just deleted the pictures.

I have only a couple of minutes as I must go to work.

I did want to say that frustration leads to excitement and writing this man today wasa very exciting. I wanted to tell him so much. I left alot out but I have friends that would say I bent his ear. Either way, it was exciting to writie him and see what he has to say.

I remember when some of you wrote me and told me to keep writing. business people, city officials, a retired teacher, fellow bloggers. all of you have contributed to this moment.

I have so much to say but I have to get to work. DAmn it. Yet I am so glad to be able to go to work.

There is excitement in the air and just thinking about the possibilities of doing business with this man really has me going.

I know . ONe step at a time. Got to go to work.

good afternoon world. I love y ou.

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