Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Can See My Mom

I took this picture a couple of months ago. It is a photo of the nation flags that surround the Ketchum YMCA courts at the World Trade Center.

I thought the flags were colorful and uplifting.

Today is a good time to post an uplifting photo. I just found out that I will be able to start seeing my mother immediately. In fact I am on my way to court to find out what the situation is.

I find this all to be pretty amazing. Two weeks ago my sister called me up and called me all types of foul names after talking to my attorney. Yesterday my attorney emailed me to tell me that her attorney worked out a visitation schedule.

I am grateful for everyone's support. Quite honestly, I never thought this day would come.

I have not blogged in the last couple of days because so much change has taken place.
I finished all of my continuing education classes for my real estate license and
formerly applied to renew it yesterday. I can not believe that I did it. I really can't. Of course I have to await their decision but, at least, I gave myself a chance.

I have been reading a novel, Emperor of Ocean Park. It has, along with everything that has been going on, me in a reflective mood.

I feel very different at this moment. Each day, since I found out I had a job, I have felt differently. So much change is taking place in my life and WITHIN ME that it leaves me with alot to ponder. I am sure I will express those feelings soon.

As soon as I heard the news, I ran into one of the guys who lived in the same aisle with me at the Transition House. I told him the news. He was one that always told me to keep the faith. He relapsed after many months and then subsequently was arrested on a drug charge. He just got out of jail.

I wish he and others that have given me so much strength and who have taught me so much while I have been on Skid Row could experience the joys that I am experiencing.
I see them running on a treadmill, at best. I wonder if they will find it within themselves to believe that there is another type of nomal existence, an existence that brings happiness and inner peace. And yet, with all of the turmoil they experience and feel within themselves, they have always pushed me. They always encouraged me to believe. It is difficult for me to express the degree of gratitude that I feel because I am not capable of putting what I have experienced into adequate words.

I must go to court to make this agreement final.



Dallas Cowboys said...

Walter, congratulations that is awesome!

Big City Poz said...

Congratulations, Walter. You deserve this.

Just remember to keep cool with your sister. I know you probably feel like telling her off, but just stay focused and in control. Don't give her anything she can use against you.

Give your mom a hug for me.