Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Heart Goes out to Fraser Heston

Please excuse my lack of pictures on my blog.

I do not have access to a computer that will allow me to upload pictures.

Just a brief note, today, time is tight.

I received my first check yesterday. Felt great. look forward to many more. The future looks bright.

I was at work and my sister called. Evidently my attorney contacted her and she was not thrilled. She called me every name in the book. It was clear after talking to the attorney that she did not know that his calling was not from my directive.

The judge ordered my attorney and the DA to get in touch with my mother because my sister has been giving flimsy excuses about many things and the court suspects that she is lying -which she is and always has been.

She said some things to me yesterday that shocked me-not in the contant but the boldness of her delivery. I guess the reality that she cant just say things and have them accepted as true will be the way things are done from now on.

She has said so many lies and has been so manipulative.

I do not take pleasure in any of this, however. It saddens me that she can be so greedy and concerned about money instead of my mothers happiness.

One thing people have said on Skid Row is that not everyone is happy when a person continues to progress along in their life after leaving drugs behind. To show you how much I have kept hoping for my sister and I to become friends, the first thing I thought about was that even she would be proud of this first paycheck. However, that was not the case. She called me up on my cell phone yesterday. It was the first time that she ever did. I was happy until she verbally abused me.

anyway, it is a sad thing when people would prefer it or benefit by it if you are doing bad instead of good.

My heart goes out to Fraser Heston, the son of Charlton Heston. Fraser graduated from Harvard School the year after I graduated. He was also a member of our championship tennis team with me. His father, Charlton, was at all of the matches and supported us in every way.

You have my deepest sympathies

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Big City Poz said...

Walter, just keep in mind that you might never be able to win your sister's approval. She may be permanently married to her negative mindset and there quite possibly is nothing you can do to penetrate it.

However, don't let that influence how you see yourself. It's clear you are on a good track and have been for some time. Just feel good about yourself and don't let anybody else's poison perceptions drag you down.