Friday, April 18, 2008


I remember when I took this picture. I was with Jeff, the director of Marketing of the Skid Row League.

I was just thinking how he has helped me look at things in a positive way. He knew that I was trying to find a sense of normalcy. He was patient.

Indeed, I have been trying to return to "normal" ever since I triathlon trained and stopped doing drugs.

Returning to a "normal" state of mind is the precusor to normal everything else.
A normal way of doing things.

I guess that is what I was thinking about when I wrote the post yesterday.

For the most part, Skid Row is not a normal environment. It is normal for Skid Row but society at large tends to do things differently.

Many people, on Skid Row, do not know what it is like to have a checking account. Many people do not know what it is like to pay a lessor price for something because they have the tools that are available to society at large.

I was just thinking that perhaps people relapse because they have never seen enough of a normal situation. Many people that I met when I first got down here told me that they started smoking crack cocaine at 12 or 13 years old. How do they know what it is like to be in any type of environment where drugs is not a way of life.

These are my thoughts today. I walk on San Julian and I look at the commotion.

Many people on San Julian only know commotion. How can they aspire to be above it if they do not know anything different than what they are experiencing every day.

Interesting. Must go will talk later

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