Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quick Hello

Spent all money long making copies for my own "excel" tutorial. must keep refining my skills. havent had reason to make spreadsheets in a long time.

From my interview in the Aon Building, I realized that I needed to upgrade my skills.

I can not go online at work any more. That is ok. They make the rules. However, it does not mean that my drive to upgrade or reacquaint myself to certain applications is diminished.

I have just made copies of three lesson plans. I will go through them at work.

If you look at some of my past blogs, I remember saying that I was going to create my own curriculum. That was about three months ago. Well, I finally have.
I am into it now.

Plus, I am expecting the course materials for my real estate continuing education course to be in the mail today.

Must go. Must be at work on time.

Will give one of my long blogs tomorrow. Have lots to say.

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