Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bette Ann D. Lawrence and Steve Carter

I talked to Bette this morning. Bette is someone that you will hear about a great deal.

Bette is an art and photo historian. She worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for over 20 years. You know it. It is the building where the famous "Rocky" steps are, you know the one where he runs up the building.

She is explaining to me the requirements of being a good writer. Honesty is one of them. Over the last couple of weeks, everything I have been doing is in preparation to get to that next level of being honest. That means being more honest about what I already know about myself and other things and also, after that, being able to learn about what else there is to learn about me in which honesty needs to be discovered. I can not do the latter without accomplishing the former.

Now it is interesting. Bette comes from Old Black Philadelphia Aristocracy.
As she said, "Walter, there is nothing wrong with being Bousgie". And the funniest thing is she is the antithesis of what she is. She is hilarious and she does not care what anyone thinks about her or what she says. she is healthy.

I called Bette, after many years, as a result of reading
Steve Carter's book. I must one day thank him for facilitating, in me, the courage to call Bette back.

I was asking Bette things about writing and basically inching toward telling her about STeve Carter. We were talking about Judge Higgonbotham at the time.

She asks me. "what do you read?" I hesitate to answer because I did not want her to call me an idiot.

So I told her about steve carter and his book and how it is doing so much for me across many platforms. She knew of him..

Bette has a cousin named Harold Scott. He was a professor at Rutgers and he directed Othello in a Rutgers production.

Bette told me how she was at Harold's house and saw the book and brought it home. shocked the hell out of me.

steve carter even signed it. wow.

I am going home to absorb more of the revelations. talk later

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