Friday, May 9, 2008

I am preparing to see MOM

Last you at this time, I remember I was miserable.

One thing for sure. Mother's Day is a sacred day on Skid Row. People hussle around and go see their mothers. I remember when I was living in the Transition House. Every person was making plans. The men were going to see their mothers, wives and girlfriends. The women were excited that their children were coming to pick them up. Some were expecting to see their boyfriends or husbands, who were hoping that the women were going to stick out the programs that they were in.

I can tell you I was in the guard shack. No doubt I was writing away on sheets of paper. The guard shack was my sanctuary except for the advertisements that came on the television about mother's day.

I hated the commercials. Everyone was going to see their mothers and I couldn't see mine. I could not write mine. I was miserable. I cried most of the day, no doubt about that either.

Mother's Day on Skid Row is different than any other day on Skid Row. Nothing compares to it. Even Christmas. It is second place to mother's Day.


It softens people. It is hard to decribe but it softens people. All of the
"bad boy" personality that is in anyone appears to be exorcised for at least 24 hours.

It is amazing. If you are not going to go see your mother, you arer admonished by everyone. The mothers in the shelters are served dinner by the men. It is that kind of day.

Yes, I remember last year. God do I remember it. 13 months ago was the last day I saw my mother. I rode my bike away from the house and was extremely upset.

I discovered I had a flat tire and it was difficult riding all of the way back to Skid Row. I stopped several times to smoke a cigarette and to collect my thoughts.

I was so upset that I was glad to get to Skid Row. Even at that time, I can still remember being relieved that I was back at the compound where at least I was accepted.

My mom wanted me home but their were others that did not. The court certainly did not want me home.

Now the judge is like my best friend.

I went today and I totally fixed my bicycle. I cut off the old locks. I put on a new chain and tire. I did some maintenance that gave the bicycle a new look.

Today I cut my hair in anticipation for seeing my mother.
It feels good to be able to be a part of the holiday.

I have emailed a couple of mothers. I want to email all mothers and tell them Happy Mothers Day. I am happy and tomorrow my mother will be surprised and happy to see me tomorrow. IT will be the start of a new life.

Happy mothers day.

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Good luck and keep us all posted!