Thursday, May 1, 2008


each morning this week, I woke up and walked over to the Stive program and checked on the status of my real estate license.

Last week, I also checked on the status of my bank account to see if the state cashed my check. They did. Once I found out about that, I knew that I would be getting an answer soon. One way or the other.

I tried not to look to far ahead but at times it was hard not to. I even emailed a broker in Catalina to find out about opportunities after I finished my classes.

I started envisioning myself in a world of more opportunities. It has been a long climb as you know.

This morning I checked the status of my application again. It still said expired.

I even called the state office. the interactive system said my license was still expired.

All week I had to fight obssessing about it. I had to avoid feeling defeated and that after everything I have gone through, I would still not get the license because of that dam felony that I did not deserve.

Fifteen minutes after I hung up the phone with the state interactive license status check system, I decided to check on it again on the computer. Why, I do not know.

I really did not think things could have changed in fifteen minutes but it was a way to keep busy before returning back to my room and dealing with the chaos of it.

Well, I checked the status and almost fainted. I noticed that some things had changed but I could not focus. Everything was going in slow motion as I was looking at the information. The address, had changed, the dates had changed. I could not focus in on it all.

My heart started to beat faster. I was desperately trying to process the information as to what was happening. Instinctively I figured the new address meant that they renewed my license because they would not give my new address when they were not going to give me a license.

Where it had said "Expired" in the License Status category, it now said Licensed. I thought that should have said active but I never had to pay attention to it before.

Finally, I started to focus a little better. The page became readable. It finally hit me. I was a licensed real estate broker. I am licensed until April 30, 2012.

I let out a loud scream and everyone ran out of the offices to find out what was going on.

On July 7, 2006, I was arrested for something I did not do and eventually took a guilty plea to get out of jail, where they were rioting. I thought there was a good chance I would get killed. Someone did get killed in that riot after I left.

I worried about that license and every day. Indeed, the day I was arrested, I was on my way to renew my license. At least I was going to register for the continuing education classes and then renew my license.

I planned on aggressively building my business because I no longer was consuming cocaine. I was excited about life again. And then it seemed like I was suddenly thrust into the twilight zone-the worst nightmare that I could never imagine being in.

Anyway, it is over. At least the license part. I struggled, I agonized, I saved cans, I did what ever it took to continue to give myself a chance. And then I did not know if they would give me back my license. I had a two year grace period and I submitted everything two weeks before my grace period would be over.

And then the wait and the uncertainty. Well, the wait and the uncertainty and this part of my pain is over. I am again a real estate broker.

This is one of the reasons that I created this blog. I wanted people to know that hey can fight back. I wanted people to know that they can walk away from a life of drugs. I did. I never thought I would have a felony but, still, I was not doing cocaine any longer. Cocaine was as natural in my life as breathing air.

That is no longer normal to me. And I no longer have to worry about resuming my life in the real estate industry. I can not believe it.

I want every body who is doing drugs or in a Skid Row situation in any part of the country to know that they can do it. BE strong and you can do it. dont give up. Fight for what you want. Fight and then fight harder as gilbert told me to do.
fight like you never fought in your life.

The world is opening up for me again. I am going to take advantage of it.
For the first time in my adult life, I can begin to enjoy life with no drugs.
I played tennis championships loaded. I did real estate deals loaded.
I can now begin to enjoy my professional life without drugs. Wow. life without drugs is starting to get a lot better. The future is bright after it started out so disastrously. It can happen for other people as well. Dont give up.

I have momentum. Now what can I do. Again, thanks to everyone for helping me. thank you in more ways than you can imagine. Help someone else. just keep helping people. If we help eachother there is nothing that we can not accomplish.

Good afternoon world.

Walter Melton
Real Estate Broker,


Excelsior said...

Congratulations, Walter! I'm proud of you......and you should be very proud of yourself. You've come a long way, and now.....onward!

Dallas Cowboys said...

Congratulations Walter, it's good to see that your doing well.

carolinarnj said...

Congratulations Walter. I am very proud of you for overcoming your addiction and successfully re-instating your real estate license. I think your writing is awesome as well and maybe you should consider writing novels or becoming a journalist at least because you can damn sure captivate your audience with your words. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work. I wish you could sue the bast%#@s that hung you up with a felony that you're not even deserving of. I think you're awesome.