Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Man smokes crack nude in HIS tree on Skid Row

well, you guys, only on Skid Row.
I was on the phone today, talking to the University of Pennsylvania. The book, Emperor of Skid Row, along with my recent success, inspired me to continue getting my life even further on track.

I called Penn to see what I have to do to get my degree. Maybe they will let me, maybe not. I will have to see if I can transfer the credits if I can not get it from Penn. Of course I will have to figure out a deal to make because I owe them money.

I also finally got in touch with my friend Murray Spencer. Murray was one of the first people I ever met at Penn adn stuck with me through thick and then. He got his degree in architecture and his masters there as well. well. I have thought about him every day for 20 years and someone who worked at penn, who was in his class, put me in touch with him.

I was on my way to call him back when I walked outside and all of this commotion was going on.

Apparently, a man was in a tree on 5th and San Pedro. He has been living in the tree for over 7 years. Everybody sees him walk up the branches every day. Evidently
the police did not know about it. They found out about it when he lit his clothes on fire. He burned his clothes off.

He removed what was left and refused to come down out of the tree. Every few minutes you could see him light his crack pipe and blow out smoke. He was cmoking crack nude from the tree.

They have tried to hose him down and push him out. At this posting, he is still in the tree. They are negotiating with him to come down but, as he said, the tree belongs to him. He has lived in it for years.

I am surprised that I called Penn today. I woke up last night dreaming about it and decided to start working at it.

I do not know what the procedures are but after all of these years it is good to address the issue.

And look what happened, I got in touch with Murray. The University of Pennsylvania is a great family and his class embraced me from the beginning when I was being recruited my senior year in high school. Murray was always supportive and it is amazing to me that I he welcomed me back just like that. I was afraid to call him.

I am just so glad that I was able to speak to him. I could not ask for a better friend and he actually was like my brother. I never want to lose touch with him again and I do not think it is going to ever happen again. Everyday, I am restoring my relationships. IT is a beautiful thing. It is a healing thing.

They said it would happen. it is starting to happen but the amazing thing is that no one can describe the healing powers that reconnection brings. if they could, everyone would do it.


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Inspired from a book, that great doing well. Keep it up! Consulting with other was a super idea.

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