Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shooting on San Julian.

On Tuesday night, after leaving work, I passed this corner on 6th and San Julian St. I turned north onto San Julian and rode 20 yds. That took approximately 2 seconds. It is not very clear but the picture at the top shows the man laying on the ground.

I heard a loud pop. I turned around and a man was laying on the ground. He was shot. There were about 70 people standing around the area at the time of the shooting. They were buying, selling and smoking crack. That end of the block is the crack corner. I was told by someone that that used to be called the "Thieves Corner", the place where you would go purchase goods that had been stolen by someone.
I was told you could get anything you wanted and if you did not see it, just place an order for it. Orders would be fulfilled between the 20th and the end of the month when cash ran out.

People stood around the man and from a distance I thought they were trying to help him. It became clear that was not the case. They started removing his watch and wallet and searched him for any money.

The ambulance came and took him away.

I found it interesting that the street had no pedestrians after the ambulance came. Everyone cleared out.

In the aftermath, several community activists investigated the circumstances and ascertained that it was a crack deal gone bad. The concern was that there would not be an upsurge in drive by shootings and gang violence. I found it interesting when he said to me on the cell phone.
"Walter, I am here on the corner. I am not worried now. It is business as usual. Everyone is buying, selling and smoking crack. If no one was there, I would be worried because it would mean that outsiders did the shooting and everyone would worry about drive bys. That means everybody would not be on the block unless they went and retrieved their guns. that is the danger. So now that I found out everybody is smoking crack, I can go home."

Wow, isn't that a unique perspective. I know that this man hates crack in the area. Yet is relieved that people are smoking crack now as it signals to him that the neighborhood is safe from other dangers.

A Skid Row perspective. unique

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Big City Poz said...

I just amazed that people searched the body for money, a wallet or drugs. Maybe they thought he was already dead so it didn't matter. This doesn't sound like a good place to take a little nap!