Friday, May 9, 2008

a great day.

My sister opened the door for me when I was approaching the house. I stopped outside for a moment and just started at the place. My sister had done a beautiful job refurbishing it.

I was excited and nervous.

She told me mom was in the bed still. I took out three different groups of flowers and spread them across the coffee table. My sister told me to be quiet and surprise her. Then, I took out the teddy bear and it took a couple of minutes for me to regain my composure. finally I walked in the bedroom and gave mom a big hug.

That is how it started. I am too overwhelmed to go any further. I will tomorrow.
I wanted to write really creative prose but I am unable to go there.

I just know that today was a very good beginning for me and my family. My sister worked together to clear some of the stuff out of the house. That was great.

It is the start of a new chapter for the Melton family. It really is. I felt a need to say certain things but it is ok. I love my family and I really love my sister.

Her husband drove me back downtown.

Sure, tears came down when I was leaving. I had to leave before I started crying too much. I have work to do before I see mom again in two weeks. I have planning to do. I have work to do.

I have ideas.

I am going to my room to read and get started. It was a great day.


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Dallas Cowboys said...

Sounds like you had a great day.