Friday, February 8, 2008

Captain Veenstra's Husband Shot in Standoff

The lady on the right, in the police uniform, is Captain Veenstra. She communicates once a month at the LA Mission in the "Ask the Captain " program that the Central Division hosts.

I received a call from one of the officers yesterday from the Central Division. On Wednesday night, the husband of Captain Veenstra, LAPD officer James Veenstra, SWAT leader, was shot in the face during a standoff in Winnetka. Officer Veenstra has sustained serious face injuries having been shot in the face twice.

We, here at Scribeskidrow, would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the Veenstra family.

Officer Veenstra answered a 911 call that came in. According to my source, the caller stated he had killed three people and wanted the LAPD to come get him. When they arrived, he was shot. It is my understanding that Officer Veenstra's partner sustained fatal gunshot wounds.

I understand that the news agencies, print and electronic, have the story.

I met Captain Veenstra last month at the "Ask a Captain" program. She allowed me to take this picture. She is a dedicated public servant and works endlessly and diligently to enhance relations between the LAPD Central Division officers and the residents of the Skid Row community.

Good Luck Officer Veenstra. hang in there.

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