Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rape as a Weapon of War

The above link is to MSNBC's report on Rape as a Weapon of War.

If you recall, I posted a link to the 60 Minutes segment that I saw about a month ago. Anderson Cooper did a segment called Rape in the Congo. That segment deeply effected me when I saw all of those women looking up into the night sky and singing their prayers. Afterwards, they all looked into the camera. They were sad but they displayed such strength and dignity.

This segment was done by Ann Curry of NBC's Nightly News.
I encourage everyone to look at this video. The atracities in Africa are spreading and everyone needs to be aware of what is going on over there. After you see it. Email a link or tell five other people about it. This type of violence and inhumanity towards women can not be allowed to continue.

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