Saturday, February 2, 2008

Early Friday Morning LAPD sweep of Skid Row

Thursday night there was that terrible collision on 7th St where several people died.
I often wonder about the accuracy of news reporting. I wondered again as I stood there and heard a reporter from one of the spanish speaking stations do a live feed on the 10:00PM news. She was wrong in the details of the accident and the number who were dead at the seen. She talked to no one except the one person who did not know anything. How often does that occur in news?
Early Friday morning, there was an early morning raid in the SRO hotels in the Central City East, Skid Row, neighborhood. A source inside of LAPD's Central Division revealed that 30 people were arrested for felony warrants, drug offenses,
sex offenses, parole and probation violations.

Everyone on Skid Row was talking about the events as LAPD black and white vehicles were everywhere.

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Dallas Cowboys said...

It's good to see LAPD move inside some of the SRO's and hotels where many within the criminal element try to run, but can't hide.

Thanks for the information.