Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DPSS attacks homelessness with Adult Move-in Costs Program

On Wednesday, The Volunteers of America's Transition House held an awareness meeting for their clients and members of the community of services that are available to them.

The presentation was provided by the County of Public Social Services. They outlined for the clients all of the programs of assisatance and the eligiblity requirements for each program such as general relief, food stamps and the restaurant meals.

A special presentation was made about the "Adult Move-in Costs Program of the Homeless Prevention Initiative. The County of Los Angeles program is a homeless prevention strategy to effectively address homelessness. They are utilizing the Homeless and Housing Program to assist individuals in securing housing. The aim is to reduce eliminate the financial pressure associated with move in costs that are seen as often being the barrier to obtaining permanent housing.

The program is limited to single adults exiting emergency/transitional shelters or similar temporary group housing.
They must be currently receiving GR or food stamps or have previously been aided with GR and/or food stamps.

It is a once in a lifetime assistance program and the individual is granted up to $800 to cover move-in costs.

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