Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting back into form on Skid Row

I made a social fopah yesterday. I emailed a woman. I was establishing communication and a relationship with her. I made the mistake saying"forgive me if it is indelicate of me to ask you to keep me in mind when position comes up in your firm."

I could have kicked myself the moment I hit the send button. I knew better. I am letting the pressures of attempting to get a career drive me to commit short sighted acts of behavior.

Networking is one thing. Applying for a position is another. The two do not mix in the opening gambit of a relationship. I knew it but that is one of the things one must overcome when getting back into form. Just because one is sweating, don't let anyone see you sweat. If I am lucky she will understand that I am under pressure instead of concluding that I have no social grace.

So on one hand I can kick myself and on another, I am glad to be in the postion again to interface with her and others again.

I told my friend Jeff about it and he read me the riot act. He should have. It was painfuol but it reinforced in me all of the reasons and opportunity costs that could incur from a strategic error.

I have never been in a situation where I networked and was under the gun at the same time. Well, that may not be true but being twenty years older it is alot different.
Twenty years ago one could call up an old college buddy and crash at their house or apartment. No one had families. Now, one can not do that. The stakes are higher. The gains are potentially higher as well as the opportunity costs.

It takes time to get back on my game. Hopefully I did not foul out with that nice lady.

Jeff continued the riot act into other areas. I need to figure out a new strategy about employment. I must adapt to my situation.

I decided to ride my back around Little Tokyo. I was hoping that I would find a place that was hiring. I found a little gift shop. There were many notices taped to the window. Something told me to keep looking. Burried beneath all of the notices, there was this little sign,"Now hiring."

I came here to post this blog first and then I am going back to the room to change into some more appropriate clothes and go back and see about employment.

Oh yes, after Jeff, read me the riot act, I turned in my cans.

"What are you a hustler or a wimp". "You know better than I do what you have to do. IF the resume thing is not working out, or time is running out, change your plans. Change your strategy. Get the job done. Find a place to work until you can get what you want."

Of course there were many expletives deleted in his tirade to me. It did the trick. I turned in the cans and found a prospect.

Taking it up a notch. Getting in shape. Making mistakes like I did yesterday. It is all about bootcamp. Jeff is a good drill sergeant.

Must go. Talk later. Life on Skid Row will make you or break you. The former is a must because the latter is unacceptable.

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