Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday On Skid Row

The top photo was taken on San Julian St today.

The bottom photo is actually the same photo that is in the previous post. I inverted the colors in the "Paint" application. Just playing around with the computer and attempting to expand my knowledge of the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

On Sunday, this street is usually packed with people. Ministeries from all sections of the city deliver food and clothing to people in the neighborhood. Musical concerts and sidewalk preaching dot other areas of the community. The Nation of Islam comes to the community and picks up their weekly recruits and dart off to the Mosque in Long Beach for their services.

I treated myself to a pancake breakfast and picked up some applications to be filled out tonight. I submitted a couple of resumes to potential employers. Beginning to be more efficient at this process. More productive. However, each day requires that I tighten up more and more. I refuse to be unemployed. I refuse to stop growing. I refuse to be a casualty of Skid Row.

Tonight I will go home, work some more and then read my new novel.


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