Monday, February 4, 2008

Dlanc meeting

This is St. Vibiana's Chapel. It was the site tonight for the Dlancmeeting tonight.

When I left the meeting, the discussion was about the street widening on 2nd St. around the area for the New LAPD Police Headquarters. The headquarters is reportedly 50% completed so there is growing interest as to what is going to happen to the streets. the residents at the meeting are primarily concerned about two things-the greenery and the street width. In short the residents want to make sure the environnment will be pedestrian friendly to encourage the development of a vibrant neighborhood feeling.

A motion was made to back City Council woman Jan Perry who is against the widening of Second St. It was voted upon and passed very easily. The residents are making it clear that they want wide sidewalks that encourage the residents to walk and enjoy their community.

Tom Gilmore donated St. Vibiana's for the meeting.

I am falling asleep at this computer. I am actually very tiredand sleepy. I tossed and turned last night after finishing a novel. I dreamed alot about the past as I am getting closer to starting another new phase.

Today was rather heady. People on Skid Row encourage me alot. It is humbling to receive such support. I must absorb it. I am off to sleep. Good night.

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