Friday, February 8, 2008

Winston St. thugs.

This is the mission at St. Vincent's on Winston St. in the Skid Row community. There have been reports that robberies are taking place after dark and the men at the St Vincent's Mission are being bullied by young thugs and drug dealers.
A person, who lives in the St. Vincent's mission, said that it all started when the LAPD raided drug hot spots on Winston, north of Wall ST. Since then, the drug dealers have all moved south of Wall St. to continue operations.
I was told that they picked that location because it is off the main thoroughfare and they have look-outs posted at Wall and at Maple St. They could see everything going and coming. By doing so they can warn their "crew" if the police are coming.
Before long, the "Youngsters" started charging "tolls" for people who wanted to walk on Winston between Maple and Wall. They even patted the pants of the pedestrians to see if they had any money. If the pedestrians did not have enough money, the thugs would regularly surround them and beat them up, leaving them bloody. Occasionally, the thugs would even stand in the doorway at ST. Vincent's and liberate money right at the front door from the residents.


City Center POZ said...

Maple ends at 5th Street. Do you mean between Wall and Los Angeles?

I wonder why St. Vincent's does not provide a security guard to police the front of its building. That's been a drug activity hot spot for years.

Also, why do people staying at the Mission linger in front of the mission on Winston Street? Anyone with street creds knows this is a tough area at night.

skidrowscribe said...

From what I understand, nobody hangs out in front of the mission. They can not even get in
the building. The thugs block the entrance.

You are correct about Maple ending at 5th. I will change it.