Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"Gun for Sale". That caught my attention as it was a first. After a year on Skid Row there are few things that remain in which there can be a "first".

I was almost on my block when the man,dressed in black pants and shirt uttered those words. In whose hands is it more dangerous, the person who is selling or the purchaser?


Last night I went to the Residential committee meeting of DLANC. It appears to me that these volunteers go to at least one meeting each and every night. I can see why Garza learned so much. There is detailed discussion on every City of Los Angeles topic.

Last night they discussed, the new logo for DLANC. In addition to that, I believe there was some discussion about Kiosks for pets.
I am definitely not clear on it.

At the general Dlanc meeting tonight, there was a presentation from a Metro Representative. He discussed how studies are being undertaken to discover ways that Metro Transit can utilize to make access to Downtown Los Angeles easier using the transit system..

There was also some discussion about bringing back the Broadway street car.

No doubt, if one gets involved with Dlanc, you will learn alot about how the city operates. It is like going back to school.

I am tired. Going to sleep. Good night all.

Oh yes, The female TV news anchors were on Skid Row today giving away computers. I think it is called the School on Wheels program.
Office Max was a participant as well.

Obama won tonight. That is the news for today. Good night.


Dallas Cowboys said...

Walter, what happened to the daily updates of fresh new information?

Keep up the good work!

skidrowscribe said...

computer problems. access difficulites. I have not deviated from my regimen.