Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thanks Evan

As my life is in transition, it appears that someone else's life is in transition as well.

This blog has opened me up to new things and I have had a chance to receive emails from people from all over the world. I can remember the very first one. It was from Kansas City. He was an ex addict and he told me to continue to write.

For six months people have told me to continue to write. It has been a source of comfort and a resource to pursue new information.

I have been fortunate enough to help a person find out that her brother is alive.
They had not communicated in over 17 years.

This morning I was reading a novel. IT is called "The Traveler". I purchased it on Main St. at Metropolis Books.

I was reading it because I was trying to figure out my stage in life. My emotions at this new phase that I am in. I will start a job on Monday. IT is not the "Brochure Job". However, it is a beginning. It has me look at things a lot differently. I was looking at my existence on Skid Row a lot differently.

At a time when I felt I was getting closer to my family, I felt a little troubled this morning. What will the future bring me?

I am not one who has shied away from adventure. I left my little neighborhood at 12 and enrolled in a prep school that took one hour by freeway to attend.
I went to Brazil as a foreign exchange student. I went to the other side of the country for college.

Yet because of the tremendous change of my existence in my hometown, and my relationships in it, los angeles, I am excited and anxious about my new beginning.

This morning I was reading the novel and it just so happens that the story involves a man and a woman who are leaving Los Angeles to avoid danger and find someone. The person they must find happens to live in Arizona. I ended the chapter this morning with the two characters on their way to arizona in a van.

Their future was unknown. It had dangerous potential.

I put on my clothes and decided to walk to the Little Tokyo Library. It is interesting that some of the characters are from Japan.

I entered the library and checked my email. It did not appear to bejunk mail and I was able to see the preview. IT mentioned my first name and Skid Row. I opened it and read it.

The writer was Evan, from Arizona, a teenager, and he wanted to move to Los Angeles.

He wants to move to Skid Row.

I could only admire this young man. He did not run away from Skid Row once he found out where his selected residence was located. he researched it. He then found my blog and was inspired that I feel I have become a better person because I have spent time down here.

I wrote him back and want him to write me back. Let's talk about this.

The fact is that this young man said that I inspired me. However, the real truth is that he has not only inspired me but his adventurous attitude and courage challenges me to have the same about my future. I have come a long way and things are changing. Sure some people are leaving me but I should not have fear. I should welcome the future. I do in ways. However, so much that I am experiencing in my home town is far beyond what I could have ever imagined.

I have always believed that people can learn from everyone. The teacher can be thirty plus years older than you or thirty plus years younger than you. This teacher happens to be thirty plus years younger than I.

I worked long and hard to get to the point of having a job and enjoying a new life. I must not look at it with trepidation.

In many ways it is exciting. I do not look at the fact that it does not pay alot. I look at the fact that I am doing something. It is a start.

I want to thank Evan for helping me remember certain things. It is funny that I receive a letter from Arizona when I was thinking about it and just finished reading a passage in a novel about it.Interesting.

Evan thank you. I will write more about this transition in my new journey. For now, I must go. I must see something that a friend call me on my cell phone to see. Something that requires me to take my camera.

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