Monday, March 17, 2008

First Day going to WORK

I took this photo to mark the first day of work. I remember my mother taking a photo of me on my first day of school.

I figured history should repeat itself as this is a first of sorts.

I start today at 3:30PM. I went to the office at noon to fill papers. I arrived on Main St. just in time to see the beginning of the St. Patrick's Day parade that started on 4th and Main. Men were carrying bag pipes and the Laker Girls rode on top of a truck.

They sure have you sign lots of stuff these days. The tax information takes the shortest period of time. Sexual harassment information and all kinds of things. I guess things change over time.

Well, it is time to go. I will see what this day continues to bring.


Downtown Chick said...

Congratulations Walter! Handsome shot! Have a good work day!

meekorouse said...

congrats! I wonder how you are and I haven't seen you in some time.. good photo too! =)

Big City Poz said...

Walter, you clean up good! Congratulations on your new job. I hope it's all going well for you.

L.A. Woman said...

Right on!

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