Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time to grow. It is an "Olympics" year.

Across the street from Gladys Park, people were lined up as Walking Man, Inc. distributed hot meals to the community.

Meals were handled out all over Skid Row to celebrate Easter.

I must say there is a great deal going on in Skid Row these days. I have seen many tours of the area. More so than usual. I see more people coming back and forth from work or school. I see more people with a sense of purpose. Keep it up Skid Row. Keep doing what you are doing.
I am just relaxing from a couple of weeks of intensity. This past week was my first week of working. I am surprised that I am not more tired than I am. Perhaps I conditioned myself well over the last few months by blogging and staying active.

I look forward to reading my novel when I leave the computer room. I have not read it all week.

Now that I have a job, it is time to plan my life. What is next? What should be next? I am trying to find a place to jog. Trying to set up a study schedule. Trying to see what is in the world to do.

I was learning aabout things to do when I was triathlon training. I visited the library a great deal. In fact it was an "Olympics" year when I began to change my life. I spent alot of time at USC.
I wanted to accomplish things again in life. It was an exciting time for me because I began to live again instead of sitting inside the house with pipe attached to me all of the time. I learned to believe that I could do things again and live without depending on substances.

Great strides were made that year. However, as I look back, I was relearning how to do things. It was a long process. It was the time when I started writing. I monitored my every thought and emotion.
I enjoyed going to the library and studying science and the law. I enjoyed developing my training habits and the daily workouts. I enjoyed reestablishing myself with The PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS.
This time is very much like those times. There are some cosmetic differences but essentially they are the same. I am in an advance course now. That is all.

Somebody told me to enjoy this time of my development. I think she is right. That is what I must do. The more I enjoy the building process, the more I will build. It is time to figure out what direction to go. A friend told me this morning"just keep doing what you are doing, Walter. Now enjoy it. Things are going to fall in place for you." He has not been wrong yet. We shall see. He also said that alot can be accomplished in one year, IF YOU FOCUS. A person once said that I can accomplish as much in one year as it would take most 15 years to do. Hmmmm. I wonder if I can at least accomplish 7 years worth of stuff. I shall see.

I am going home to get organized and to read. I will talk to everyone tomorrow. There must be something exciting for me to see.

I think I am going to try and go to MacArhur Park. I want to see people smiling and sitting in the little boats paddling together. That would be different. Yes, I want to see something different. This is a time when I need to experience different stuff. Grow. It is an Olympic year.

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Steve said...

Thanks for all your great blogging! I am writing a fiction book about a family in skid row and your insights are giving me great material!

Thanks again!