Tuesday, March 25, 2008

John Coltrane--My Favorite Things

I played lots of rock tonight on the air. but I did not play on the air any of the jazz that was a great part of my youth.

My father used to come home every day from teaching school and we would read together, without fail. We would read all of the classics by mark twain, etc.
While we would read out loud, jazz artists would play in the background. My mother used to dance for great jazz musicians and her picture is in the archives in the famous Dunbar Hotel on Central Ave.

Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles lived within 50 yards of me. I knew every jazz musician by the time I was 8.

I used to love this song "My favorite things" by John Coltrane. Elvin Jones is arguably the best drummer in history and McCoy Tyner the same on piano. My father took me to see John Coltrane live when I was a little boy. He played in the building next to the Natural History Museum in Expostion Park. I was fascinated by the music.

I hope that Joe Cornish and LA Woman listen to this piece. It is a great part of my history and reflects who I am. I hope that everyone else listens to this and watch the video.

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