Saturday, March 1, 2008

Working on the Aon Assignment.

I am working on the assignment to get a job in the Aon Building. Funny, the president asked me if I knew of a software program called publisher. I answered honestly, "NO." Well folks, I was trying figure out how to do this brochure and I went into the programs of the computer to find WINDOWS and there it was.
Windows Publisher 2003. Well, dont I feel like a fucking idiot. Well, I answered him honestly. I also told him whatever I did not know, I would learn.
Things are coming together. of course I have enlisted help from some friends. One of them in particular. she is coming through like a champ. Thanks, C.

Progress is slow but steady. talk to you guys later


L.A. Woman said...

It may have been embarrassing but you were right to be honest. No employer likes lying employees, ever.

Anonymous said...

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