Thursday, March 20, 2008

Broadcasting Live and Networking

good evening my friends. Today has been very productive. It surprises me how much I can get done now that i do not have to hunt for a job.

Downtown was pretty lively today. Movie companies were taking tours of buildings on Main St, for possible locations for future film shooting.
Speaking of filming, instead slide shows, I shall have live video streams from 6PM until 12PM from Monday to Friday. So when you access my blog on those nights, you will most likely see me on camera at work or I will give a live little news report about the daily downtown activities that took place earlier in the day.


Anita Nelson, executive director of SRO Housing, was seen on San Julian St. today, giving a tour to some people who seemed to be captivated by her lecture.


It is about 11:00. I have not written a word in hours. I have been working and networking. I have been broadcasting tonight.

I plan on bringing people together soon with a new social networking sight for downtown LA and I have been laying the groundwork to launch it. The integration of that sight along with other multimedia components will facilitate alot of projects to advance my projects and also to enhance the quality of life for those that live in the downtown Los Angeles Community. It could be fun.


I took this picture on 4th street today. 4th street is a hub of activity and was the beginning of the downtown renaissance. I felt that spirit today and I felt it this evening while I was broadcasting.

I want to thank the people for joining me while I broadcasted and I intend to bring quality content to my live broadcasts and hope that it improves my blogs as well.

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