Friday, March 21, 2008

End of a Good Week and a New Social Network

The Los Angeles Mission gave its annual Easter Day Free Dinner to the community today. It also provided free foot massages and a shoe company gave away brand new tennis shoes. It was a very festive day on the Nickel.

I went to my class again today. There was a small but very crowded
Easter parade on 8th St. and Union St at around 7PM.

Of course I ran into something and fell off of my bicycle on the way back.

I must say I was tired. It has been a long week and it has been packed with lots of changes. A great deal has been accomplished. However, at the end of the week, I just want it over.

I had to think about a comment that was left last night. "A sad school...". It had me wondering all of last night. I attempted to respond to it but I realized I should have thought about it. I was only thinking of a University as a place where students student and teachers teach. Yet, a university is more than that. There are experiments and research. There are things going on on all types of levels. I had to open up my mind and realize that. Once that was remembered, it was easier to look at Skid Row in a lot of ways.

Ah yes, my photo critic is one that compels me to think and rethink many things.

On the way back, I fell off the bike. I walked for a while and just looked at everything around me. People were laughing and smiling. It is a holiday weekend. People are enjoying themselves. I was happy for them.

I needed something to boost my spirits. Was not down but just emotionally fatigued and I still had to return to work.

I got back to work and turned on the computer to blog and I saw an additional comment.

"Right On", it said. "I will be damned", I thought. Perfect timing. I wondered if the comment was for the new job or my response to her comment from last night. It did not matter.

I was glad to hear from her. It was the boost I needed. It gave me my second wind.

By the way, everyone. I started a social network website. It is called

Downtown Los Angeles Friends.

The tag line beneath the title of the network says it all-"Where our differences as people make our community stronger"

I hope that the network turns into the "family room" for the downtown community.

I will work hard to make it interesting and fun for people. The first thing I want to do is put a chat room on the site. A community calendar may come first because it may be the easiest for me to do.

I sure hope people join. I want it to be a fun place. Just like blogger is a website for blogs, Ning.comning is a website for those that create social networks. It was founded by the same person that created
the browser Netscape.

Please join.

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