Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bottlenecks are forming, that is a good thing

The last few days would test anyone but it is ironic how things have turned out.

I have had to create a brochure, something that I have done countless times in the past but for some reason, I have made every little decision about this one to be a gigantic project. I guess that is what happens when one's ego and self esteem takes a beating and so much is riding in the balance.

All last week, I worked on the set. I worked on the set yesterday and will work on it today. At noon today, I received an email from a organization that offered me a position in October but had to rescend it for insurance reasons. It is a minor position as it does not challenge me in any way and there is no upside potential.However, it will be employment and keep me off of the homeless roles.

It amazes me how a few months ago, I was wondering what I would do to feel the day up. I had to battle my emotions for most of the day to begin to begin the long tasks to get "career" ready. That process, getting "career" ready, started a long time ago. Career ready is different than job ready. A job is what sustains you. A career is what you do. You integrate your growth horizontally and vertically. There is the skill and talents one needs as well as the "props" when one is getting career ready. I never paid much attention to it before this past year because I always had the props. This past year, I not only did not have the props, I had no means of getting them. It has been a long arduous process.

As I said before I use to wonder what I would do to fill the day. It did not matter where I started because so much had to be done. That was the problem. It seemed overwhelming. Now I am at the point where there is not enough time to do what I must get done, let alone what I want to get done. My lack of access to technology to facilitate my forward movement is not creating a bottleneck of things that need to be accomplish.

Now, if I make it through the bottleneck and get the "career" position as opposed to the job, then I can just throw everything out: the countless sheets of information that I have saved to help me follow up on leads and potential opportunities. However I must close the deal.

Between paragraphs, I called the woman with whom I must interview. I will not interview with her until Monday. Of course I could not leave it at that. I would love to think of my thinking as outside of the box but maybe I should have waited to go outside of it. This organization is involved with real estate and banking. The mayor had made a commitment to solar energy. I thought it was a good fit with my prospective employer. Perhaps it should have waited but as I told the woman on the phone, even if they do not want to hire me, they should consider tying in public private partnerships into energy because they already are involved with economic development. banking, housing, energy savings as well as a clean environment all go together.

Tell me what you guys think. Should I have waited or does it really matter. The thing here that this process has got me thinking and I have never been short of ideas.

Anyway, I am glad I did. I think it shows I am unselfish.
I was not strategically trying to ingratiate myself with them. I was sincerely trying to let them know of an opportunity, whether I was there or not.

You know, I cant wait to be part of a team. I have said that many times. However it has been so long, It will be like being selected to be a part of a sports team when you are picked by the older guys to play with them. You feel wanted and respected. They embrace you. I am looking forward to that.

I believe I will have that one day.

Anyway, that is my status. Lots to do and little time to do it. the lady gave me a few days to refine my work.

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donsyms said...

Go for it! It's who you are and how you operate. Some things are not susceptible to change. You have always exhibited an insatiable compulsion to plunge totally into whatever project you are invoved with.