Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finally taking my Continuing education class

This is 7th ST., one of the borders of Skid Row. I work on this street.
it has a different air than the heart of skid Row but it is dicey.

I registered for my classes today. I got that taken care of. renewed my driver's license. Before today, I only had my california ID . Got a lot done. each time something gets done it changes the matrix of things around me and my position relative to things, which changes my perspective. it is inhteresting. Most of the changes in the past were internal. enough internal changes and development has been done so that now things are manifesting themselves exgternally. That increases confidence.

IT is interesting to experience this process and studying it simultaneously.


jamal said...

keep it up one day at a time..

john harris said...

I wish you all the success as you move in a positive direction