Friday, January 25, 2008

Between the rain storm

I took this picture yesterday. I loved the contrast of the different clouds as the rise about the Union Rescue Mission. They sort of have a divine air to them don,t they.

There is a woman who is my photo critique. I hope she sees this one. Will she emerge/ Will shall see. She is a part of the Downtown community. A mysterious woman- with an eye for dramatic scenes.



I know I am not your photo critic but WOW what a lovely shot! You have a real eye for that stuff-- not just for writing but such a visual eye for things! Hope your well..Feel the Spirit!
Miss talking

L.A. Woman said...

This was a good one! The sharp white light, the whispy black palm tree fronds, the blotches of pale blue sky ... Nursedebbie is right, you have a visual eye for things!