Thursday, January 10, 2008

Damn Day

Well, this day started out screwed up and it ended screwed up.

I wake up and walk outside to get my orange juice and milk. I see Mongo. Mongo was in the Transition House for a while. He have me a birthday card. He gave me this card AFTER he moved out of the Transition House. I thought that was awfully nice of him. I received one other birthday card. it was from my mother. My sister brought it to me. That was nice of her.

Mongo is a Vietnam Vet. Marine. Lots of Vietnam Vets on Skid Row. All are here for different reasons. They live mostly in the Russ Hotel, which is next door to me at the Marshall House or they live at the Ballantyne Apartments. That place looks like your regular suburban garden apartment complex. Very nice. Well, very nice for skid Row.

Anyway, I see Mongo talking to someone so I keep going. I figure I would talk to him upon my return. Only, when I came back, Mongo was not there.
I go upstairs and do some work. I decided that I want a cup of coffee so I walk outside and turn east on fifth st and head to the corner store. I am not quite awake yet but I think I hear this guy yelling at someone. I turn and a guy was yelling at someone. He was yelling at Mongo.

I sit there to see if this is just a chest beating moment or is it going to be worse than that. It was worse than that. This guy was intent on having a fight. Rediculous. Sure enough, a fight broke out. Mongo tried to avoid it but the guy charged him. They were in a clinch so I decided to walk into the store to get my coffee. I had things to do. I am not going to waste time watching two grown men fight about nothing.

Just as I thought, they were still in a clinch when I came out. The were wedged up against the door of Don Garza's building. I am surprised that he did not hear them. Things like this happen so much, I did not even bother to tell Garza about it when I saw him, and yes, I saw him. He was walking down 5th street with a blue "Skid Row Basketball" hat on his head and waving his huge towncrier bell yelling "here yee, here yee". Oh yeah, one thing is for sure there is never a dull moment on Skid Row. Never. Even dull can be very interesting.
If it is dull on Skid Row, for a moment, that means everything is right, for the moment, which means something is wrong. Nothing is ever right on Skid Row.That is not true either, it is a matter of degrees.

I walked past the fight just when they unclinched and, calmly, each man walked the other way. It was as if nothing had happened. Strange, but that is the way it goes on Skid Row.

That is how my morning started.

I went upstairs and went back to work. I straightened up my little room and walked over to the transition house to use their computers. Eric, the computer man was not there. He was suppose to do some fancy formatting for me. Dam, the day just kept getting more unsatisfactory.

I sat at the table and completed the dam thing. I had an appointment at 3 with the nice Chrysalis lady. I left the computer for one minute and when I returned, the document, that I had saved, had been altered on Microsoft Word. I tried to retrieve it. I do not know what happened to it. I had to keep my appointment so I raced up to chrysalis. My friend was not to happy that I was not prepared for the meeting.
She just kept looking at me. Of course it looked bad but there was nothing I could do. Embarrassing. Very much so. I was not thrilled. I had to take it on the chin
and make sure that I do the whole damn thing over again, tonight, as she expects it in the morning. I thought I would be finished with this phase. So now I still am in this dam phase and I still have to finish it tonight. I have to go to the Transition House and use their machines. Yes, I am pissed off.

I do not even have a picture for this blog. So, with that said, I am going to say good night and get the hell out of this library and get this damn thing done. damn computers.

oh yeah, I forgot to share with you being stalked by a woman who would not take no for an answer when she offered me a plethora of sexual deals. Even for Skid Row, it was bargain basement prices. It just made me sick. You have no idea how sick it made me. Well, I am off. I must go get this done.

Free Comedy walk is tonight on Main Street. I think the Art walk is tonight as well.
Garza was ringing his bell up and down the street letting the world know about it.

Oh I forgot again. Something good did happen. One of the members of the City Council returned and email and might agree to be interviewed about a subject of interest if I do the research on the topic to be discussed.

Now that is good. The only thing is I must bone up on the subject matter. I am glad I went to
russell Brown's civics class the other night because I got a dose of government speak. I am sure I will get a lot more as I prepare for this assignment.
This could be another coup for

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