Friday, January 25, 2008

Tyree is doing fine

Those of you remember the video that I did with Tyree. He relapsed and was living on the streets. When I interviewed him, he returned to the STRIVE program.
I saw him today and he is doing fine. I had to take this picture of him. He was in the computer lab attending class. "I enjoy the program more now than I did before I relapsed. I am more into it now and I know, for sure, that that street life is not for me. I had enough of it."

Although, you can access the video by clicking on the screen on the upper left side of the blog, I wanted to have a huge embedded player on my page. Thanks for indulging me. This is the video I did with Tyree explaining what it was like to relapse.

Good work Tyree. I will tell you the same things people have told me.
"Keep up the good work. Keep doing what you are doing. Everything will work out."

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