Friday, January 11, 2008

Surprise at the Library

There was a mini bloggers convention yesterday before the comedy walk. I ran into Don on the street and we ran into Ed Fuentes and Pamela at Banguette on Main St.
It was nice to see them at the beginning of the year.

It has been a head spinning week. Lots of activity. Moving forward. Not where I want to be yet but that is ok. I am probably where I need to be. I believe I had to experience somethings and understand what I experienced. I will settle for that.

It was good to have Jose Egurbide back on the job. (oh my god, my neighbor, who lives across the street from me just walked in the Little Tokyo Library.)
Back, after speaking to him. Wow, he said he married his girlfriend. That is good. He is an attorney around this area. he works on Immigration cases. He told me my sister lives in this neighborhood. I guess the court papers are true. She lives around here. Wow, I remember this fall when I finally read the papers. It was November. I could not stand to read them. I did not like what was said and did not bother to read any further.

It was good to see Todd. I liked it when he moved across the street from my mother's house. He was into art and had interesting friends. I was transitioning into a positive world when he moved in and then....well, this week is not over yet, I see. Dam, that was nice. It hurts as well.

Yes, this week is not over. I had alot more to say but I will cut it short. Seeing Todd took the wind out of me. I have to go to this class tonight. I have to keep going. I have things to do. I was ambushed but it was sweet-bittersweet maybe, but sweet.

Dam, I thought it was an emotional day as it was. lots of walks down memory lane. Now this. Oh well, that is my life on Skid Row. Todd said he learned bits and pieces. I think it would show maturity if I do not ask him what was said. It does not matter. I must go. I have class.

I have things to do. It dont mean nothing

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meekorouse said...

mini bloggers convention.. you give me the giggles, Walter. goodness. =)

I hope you're doing alright. I saw your post about the interview. I hope it goes well.

Goodness that's an odd photo of me. I am thinking people shouldn't take my photo. I might break the camera when you click the shutter, you never know. =)

It was nice seeing you again. I enjoy reading your blog.