Thursday, January 17, 2008

Safer City Initiative Conference

Things do changee quickly in Skid Row. The Manager in my building was fired. I was wondering why his boss has been here substituting.


I hit Chrysalis this morning, copying, pasting and creating new documents-resumes to submit later in the day

I was wrong about the Safe City Initiative(SCI) conference. It was held this morning at the Downtown Los Angeles Marriott. It was my understanding that it was an invitation only event. I know a few who RSVP'd the event. I also know quite a few people who were not invited who wanted to attend the event. They went down anyway to see if they could attend.

In the fall, I attended a big press conference at the LA Mart. It was the one year anniversary of SCI. All three departments were at the podium speaking as a team.
In addition, Jan Perry, the City Council person for the district was there. They presented a united front. All of the departments were given credit for their efforts to make SCI a success. I noticed that the City Attorney's office is not on the panel. They were an instrumental factor in the success of SCI as well as the Mayor's office, Jan Perry's Office and the Los Angeles Police Department.

I wonder why they were not in the panel. They deal with alot of the legal isssues involved. I am sured what they would have to contribute would be very important.
Furthermore, I know many people would like to ask the representatives of that office many questions.

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