Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More progress.

That is Don Garza talking into the camera while we broadcasted live on yesterday.

well, everyone, it happened again. I wrote this long treatise on the process of getting rid of obstacles and the process, comedic as it was last night, and this morning for me to finish the cover letter. Yes, I finished it.

I started at 6:00AM this morning. Yes, I know. I said I was going to do it yesterday evening as the room was organized and waiting for me. Well, of course,
that was too simple. I had to feel the perverse pleasure of frustration and the pathologic joy of always looking at the same obstacle. I had continue being at this level of life's indifference curve for just a bit longer. Then I had to ask myself.

"walter, do you want to remain in these handcuffs or do you want to advance?"

Oh, hell no. I had enough of handcuffs in more ways than one. I experienced being handcuffed to stagnation while engaging in constant self indulgence. No way. I had enough of that. I experienced what freedom was when i trained for the triathlon and I finally got used to it. I finally experienced it enough and fought to experience it for longer periods of time until I got used to it. I was not going backwards.

I was not going to postpone the appointment with the lady at 10:00AM this morning.

I talked to myself. I remembered the past. I talked to myself some more. I was determined not to look at this obstacle any longer. let me tackle a new one. I knew that this was the big one.

I made up the bed. Yes, I went all of the way back to basics. If you were to tell anyone that I made up my bed, they would swear you were lying. If someone were to tell my sister that I made up my bed in order to prove to her I had changed, she would immediately know, in her mind, that the person must be lying and that I hadn,t changed one bit because there was no way that her brother, walter mitchell melton, was going to make up his bed.

I cleared it off. I put my notes on the bed. I had words on sheets of paper. I had partial phrases. I matched them up against the job descriptions, etc.
I wanted this to be a masterpiece. The lady, at Chrysalis,told me that the cover letter was going to get me the interview. That was the most important thing. I took great care in how I crafted every word and phrase and made sure it integrated itself gradually, and more all encompessing as each phrase presented itself.

It took time but I knew that I would see a lot and learn alot accomplishing this goal and getting it behind me. The mind came up with more succinct phrases that had a plethora of meanings and flavors to drench the descriptive pallot.

I struggled. Yes, I went downstairs to look at things on the computer. I tried to procrastinate but I also pulled in the reins and went back upstairs to my little room, sat down and went to battle.

My friend asked me how long does it take to write a cover letter. well, let me put it to you like this. I always could make the big play. I could always do the grandiose. I could do the big things all of my life. I could make the spectacular tennis shot. I could make the 20 foot jumper. I could come up with the greatest marketing campaign. I always put the cart before the horse. I wanted to put the damn horse before the cart. I have been wanting to build a habit of doing that. It only took concentration.

What good is it to sit down and write a treatise all day on a detailed marketing plan if I did not write the perfect cover letter to gain attention.

My sister said build good habits. I am. It is funny because she has no idea how much I laughed at myself this morning in tackling this letter. but I was serious.

I put a couple of loose phrases together and then another. I had the momentum. I knew that all I had to do would be to get the process going. Finally, I knew I would finish. I grabbed all of the papers and my flash disk and walked over to
the Transition House. I settled myself at a computer and took out my papers.

Ah yes, the keyboard was in front of me. My friend, my buddy.

I arranged my papers and let the fingers do the walking and the talking. They have their own gift of gab. They worked their magic. I had to postpone the meeting by 30 minutes, but I finished it. I gave it to the manager at the agency for her review. She thought it was excellent. Of course there were some areas that I felt needed her input and she delivered like the professional that she is. I made movement. I progressed. I felt the keys turn the lock one more time.

I know that with this cover letter, it will serve as the template for all cover letters. I may not feel the same degree of passion as I do for this position but the passion for this position we serve as the boiler plate to generate interest from other prospective employers if it becomes necessary.

Yes, it felt good. I wrote an extensive essay and it disappeared a few minutes ago. I am writing another one now. Yet this dam cover letter and resume has taken me years to do and I began the hard work of doing it when I started training for the triathlon because that was when I put a big dent in my self indulging behavior.

I know longer see that big wall in front of me that has to be removed. I removed it. I removed the big wall of my teeth last week. I am pushing that rock up the hill. I am getting close. I just have to keep going.

Let's see what I can do tonight to further my advancement. Let's see how long I procrastinate to finish the resume. I want it to match my cover letter in cadence and accompanying synergistic descriptions.
It is a good feeling to feel progress every day: to see little buds appear now that the stalk has strenthened itself. That took alot of time. It took time for a few little branches to come out. Let 's get some new buds growing. I hope I could capitalize on this detail with stickam. I learned alot about the live stream industry in just a few days.

I have made many copies of trends in the internet television industry. I punched in words during the summer but they did not yield such information. I guess I am punching in more precise words and a better integration of words in order to get the precise information that I am requesting.

It gives me more to study.

I am putting together a list now of companies to which I must sbmit applications. and resumes. I want to blitz the market. I am glad I took my time to do this. This is a Japanese company and with the Asian culture in general, patience is a virture. I am glad I took my time to do this. I uncovered alot and gained alot from it.

I was able to to this because I did not rush to get it in. I am taking my time. I was not in a rush to hit the big shot. I wanted to make sure I kept the ball in play.

I did that. I am giving myself the best possible chance. I am also doing things on the downtownlabroadcasting channel to further my chances. I guess the word
is thorough.

Yes, progress is being made. I will not get down tonight. I will not get impatient. I will just do what I have to do to make progress and appreciate that after I accomplish something, I do not have to think about it anymore. One day I will have done enough, grew enough, been through enough and did it all enough times to get an opportunity.

I walk through Skid Row and my feet are lighter. My mood is lighter. I see a light in the distance. I do not know how far it is from me but I see it. I will not concentrate on looking at the light. I will concentrate on putting one step in front of the other. Occasionally, I will look up to see if the light is still there and if it is brighter, and or closer.

Many people are doing the same thing in Skid Row. Many people are gaining momentum and slowly creating an edge. We are learning not to worry about tomorrow. We must conquer today.

Alot has happened in the first two days of this year. Some is seen but most of it is felt. It will all be seen and felt one day. Keep the faith, baby.
Patience, walter. You will get there. Make sure that when you get there get all of it and them some. Just be patient. Discipline and disciplined diligence.

I am leaving here, the Little Tokyo library. I have thirty seconds to finish.

Good night world. I love you.

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