Monday, January 28, 2008

A Fantastic morning feeling

It is 11:00 AM

I just left the Los Angeles Theatre, where, as I type, the "Bring Back Broadway" conference is taking place.

I ran over here to Chrysalis to take pictures. People did not recognize me as I had on a suit. I wanted to be the first too post pictures of the conference to my readers. I am unable to do so because of the technical difficulities that I am experiencing.


However there is something more important to share. It is the response and encouragement of people on Skid Row when they saw me wearing a suit. People who knew me were yelling across the street. "go get em , Walter".
"Represent us well, Walter". "Dam, Melton you are on your way."

They were all routing for me. They did not know where I was going or what I was going to do but the dress signaled to them that I was on my way. It did a lot for me. It confirmed to me that people on Skid Row pull for eachother.

I then turned up sixth st. People who DID NOT know me were yelling at me.

"Do IT". "that's right." "You are on the right path." "sho you right".

IT did alot for me to receive that support. It did alot for them to see me on the move. I could see it in the eyes of people. They had hope. I put a little fuel in their "fighting" tank. They put fuel in mine. I will comment further later in the day. As for now, it was clear that Skid Row and the people of Skid Row were of the same spirit. Broadway is coming back. The people of Skid Row let me know that I was on my way back. Thank you.

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