Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I did my best

It is done. My bid to join Stickam has been made.
I did my best. It is something to look at a building everyday and think about the possibilities, the endless possibilities that can be accomplished with a technology that they have. It is remarkable what one can do with it. There are so many ways to generate revenue, so many ways to capture markets in a micro or macro level. It opens up so many doors for collaboration. With the laptop and wireless internet you can be in the middle of jungle and broadcast live.

My brother in law asked me a couple of times, many years ago why I never bothered to get into the entertainment business. He said I knew so many people in the varied entertainment/sports industries.

That was true. It is also true that I know people in alot of industries. It wasnt until I started to do live video streaming that I felt the power of broadcasting. That was 6 years ago. And we all know that I was working on other things.

I really did not realize how much it was a part of my blood until last year at some time.

Anyway, I finally put it in and a lot of stuff is behind me that have nothing to do with the stickam resume per se. I am glad to have started a new day.

I wonder if they will call. It is funny because I can think of many ways to market that technology to markets that may be overlooked. All kinds of partnerships in entertainment and sports and with the everyday person. Every person could have sponsored events with tv broadcasting. even pay per view partnerships with them. Lots can be done. The only limitation is the limit of ones imagination.

After I sent it off, I talked to the lady at Chrysalis. She looked at me and said how much I had changed during the process. She knew the process was a catharsis of sorts for me. She is right, it is.

I came back to the Marshall House and went to the Stickam website. I saw where another person had viewed my website. I cant help but wonder if it was stickam. They have not emailed me. I wonder if that means I did not meet the standards. Time will tell. I will just enjoy the fact that many jobs were finished today. I am definitely in a new stage. I must keep focused.

Dam, I saw where someone also looked at my news report on stickam. I had planned on erasing it so they could only see my interview with tyree. that had the most numbers. The news report had audio problems and my teeth did not look too well.

Dam, all of that work and I did not take care of that detail and it might have cost me. damn. Oh well, I tried. I did my best. good night.

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Sounds like your doing GREAT! Sorry we did not meet up the other day. Hap is doing well though--thanks for your thoughts. Your in my thoughts daily. Feel the spirit!