Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pushing the Job Search.

I have been siting at this terminal since 8:00AM. I am hitting everything I can think of to secure a job. Jeff told me it was not a job I needed. He said I needed patience. He may be right. I get overwhelmed when I try to blaze a trail with this career search. If you do not know where to start, start anywhere. that is what I believe. Otherwise, you will waste time and vascillate, searching for the best starting point. It is not important that I pick the exact career. It is very important that I get working. I need working capital.

I am fascinated by Stickam. It offers so much but I must keep pushing.
After a good night sleep, I woke up and straightened up a bit. It caught me by surprise that there was not much to do and I was finished and more organized than ever.

I went down to the computer at around 6 this morning. I wanted to get on top of the job search. The dam thing was extremely moody so I gave up on it. There was a time when I would sit there and wait forever. It was a wide to hide. It was easier to wait than to battle myself with making the initial steps emotionally and pbhysically to get to the next level.

Going back upstairs, I mopped the floor and saw a copy of the Tom Gilmore resume. I shall work on that again. Wont take long. I want it there so when I see him, we have something to talk about. When I see him is anybody's guess.

I made my usual milk and juice run, and I had to chuckle to myself. I found a way to become more efficient in doing something as mundane as that daily ritual. Ah yes, the external economies from repeated organizational exercises are coming into play. No doubt getting alot done with job search prerequisites had something to do with it as well. I gulped down the milke returned a phone call that came in on my cell phone while I was across the street getting the milk and I did something I had not done before. I grabbed a few pens and folded a couple of pieces of paper so I can take notes at Chrysalis. I do not want to waste the time of asking one of the staff members for a pen or pencil.

Speaking of Chrysalis, after I finished working with the nice lady there, we sat back and chatted for a minute. I can see why she loves her job. Indeed she helps people and it would be hard to find any organization that does more for people, in Skid Row, than Chrysalis.

I uncovered 10 leads. At first I wrote down certain information on my sheet of paper. Then, I realized something. There was no need to write. I could just make copies and put them on my clipboard and go through them. No need to have scraps of paper everywhere. Keep things tight. Keep things lean.

In between searches, I worked more on my tom gilmore resume. I will get that off today or tomorrow along with sending it off to many others in the same industry. In fact, I have to go over to his building and check in on Monica at the Banguette. She said January would be the time to check in with her for some type of part time position.

I looked at my blog and found a comment from Pamela. She was sitting in Banguette's patio the other day. I took what I thought was a cute picture of her and posted it
on the web. I was hoping she saw it and she did. It is nice to know that she likes to read my blog. There are times when I feel I am just rambling.

Well, it is time for me to walk over to Banguette to see what is happening and check in. Jim stated that I used inventiveness to blog while living downtown. He was correct but I think that exercise and daily practice was just the precursor to utilizing what I learned to find a job.
Going here to use a computer for writing a resume, going there to edit it, going somewhere else to send it. Sounds like that would be unnecessary. Sounds like a simple thing to do. Nothing is simple while living in the Central City East community. It becomes easier after you learn the environment and discipline yourself.
There is a Safe Cities Initiative meeting at the Marriot. I would have liked to have gone. However, that would be a form of distraction for me. I have to use every waking second to get this job. Besides, my friends will be there and I am sure I will find out what is taking place. It took time to get into my blog stride.
It will take time to really get this going. I must look at it as a real estate territory. I am electronically cold calling at times. I am physically cold calling at times. I am networking when the opportunity arises.

No word from Stickam.

Good morning world. I love you

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Dallas Cowboys said...

Walter, it's good to see that you are searching for a job. Keep up the good work and push on!