Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Process and the Student

These are two of the multitudes of pictures I took on Saturday. I can not upload them so they are on the slide show as of yet but at least I can publish them on a blog.

I thought the first picture of the palm tree and the snow capped mountains was interesting. This tree was just sitting there. It had this majestic and enduring aura about it. The snow on the mountains are temporary, and at the same time reveal diversity and versatility of conditions and environment. I thought one could have fun with what this picture says about many things. I would love to hear about any thoughts or feelings your have. Friends would come here from the east coast in my college days and marvel at the snow capped mountains in an environment where they had palm trees and had the option to surf or sky.

The next photo is of course, the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I took this picture because a friend of mine mentioned it to me recently. Furthermore I have been getting alot of email from my school and Roy Disney was a graduate from there. Moreover, I saw a picture of Douglas Fairbanks in his three muskateer outfit. I used to view him on the Disney show as kid. He too is a fellow alumnus of my school.

Today has been interesting. I submitted two resumes this morning and talking to three people about employment. I was not prepared to speak to one person when they responded to my question about the potential of expanding his business. I liked the man and felt he was smooth and gracious in his demeanor, astute in his observations, and visionary in his philosophy.

I have an extensive sales background beginning with my tenure at Xerox Corp. Xerox has long been known as the best sales training organization in corporate America.
We all know how much I love to write. I would be able to increase the growth of revenue in a business that is involved in communications, and communications in a growing environment in which I have historical ties and perspective.

I can see where I can grow and help his business grow. It is a small outfit with great potential. I could fill in for the owner in other areas that I am sure he may need assistance from time to time. These areas, in which he already operates offers opportunities to become significant profit centers.

I have talked of being a team member quite a bit over the last few months. I have also talked alot about business growth. I think because I am growing as a person and even my blog readership is growing. It tickles me. I have not concentrated on marketing. I have not utilized any of the marketing strategies or tools available to increase visibility. The main thing I have done is concentrate on the content and to improve the content daily as I grow internally. I want to increase the quality of the content, whether in the dimensions of the visuals or the clarity of my verbal communication.

I saw a website this morning where it appeared to me that the owner of that website concentrated on the quality of his content. The content is based on his philosophy and the business model is based on his observations on the evolution of certain social phenomenon. It would be rewarding to be apart of that. It would be an extension or an actualization of what I wrote about the future of Los Angeles and Broadway bringing people together. This person understands how the synergistic results of social assimilation can transforming itself into business strategy; the niche market of "all inclusiveness". I love that philosophy of life. I would like to be able to develop that niche in a marketing mode. Either way he brought clarity to me.

Another day in the "Process and Student".

One can observe something one day and have a different perspective another day as a result of more information, different angle or passage of time.

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