Saturday, October 20, 2007

being Fair

Yesterday was a day that required me to push myself. I was depressed because of the job offer being rescinded. I wrote about it with emotion. I struggled with that decision. Why? because I did not want to give a slanted version of a story. I felt safe about it because I did not mention the company that offered me the job. However, I remembered this morning that someone congradulated me and wished me good luck and mentioned the company on the internet, in a blog.

Part of the goal of this blog is to shed light on the emotions and trials and tribulations of a person who is attempting to turn his life around. What goes through my head on these daily adventures now that I am clean from drugs. To that end, I did that.

I am trying to learn how to give fair coverage about events and to that purpose, I write this blog.
I do not know the real reason why the offer was removed. I was told the company would only accept the first report. I undnerstand that the company deals with risk all of the time. Downtown real estate managers deal with clientle that have a history of trying to bring about law suits to get big money, something that I learned is called a "Big Lick". Therefore I can understand the knee jerk reaction. I do not know the considerations they had to make. I can speculate. I can assume. However to conclude and to spread speculation as truth is not fair nor is it ethical. I strive to become a fair and ethical communicator of facts. So I, as someone who has had sleep on the matter, states for the record that the company made a business decision and I must move on from there. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be considered. Ihave learned alot and this experienced has made me stronger. The following blog will illustrate how not all is doom and gloom because of that experience.

good morning world, I love you

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